Learner Success Services (LSS) has 14 Study Rooms: 8 in South Campus and 8 in North Campus. All study rooms have TV monitors, Whiteboard, and HDMI and VGA connections.  To book a project room:

  1. Select North or South Campus
  2. Select the day on the left side.
  3. Choose an available room and time slot in the calendar below.
  4. Fill in the form with your name and student (mybvc,uleth,or oldscollege) email.
  5. Login to your student (mybvc,uleth, or oldscollege) account and open the confirmation email. You MUST confirm your booking this way.

NOTE: You may book a maximum of 2 hours in one day. Bookings may be made up to 1 month in advance

Please be sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not remove furniture from the room.
  2. Do not add furniture to the room.
  3. Do not damage any furniture or equipment
  4. Turn off all electronics in the room once you leave the room